Business Litigation

Almost all businesses will be involved in a dispute at some point. When that time comes for your business, it’s important to find a resolution that not only protects your legal and moral interests but also makes sound financial sense for your business. Whether the right course of action for your business is an informal settlement or going to trial, we’re ready to fight for you in all of the following business disputes.

Business Litigation

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Too often, insurance companies balk when it comes time to pay out on a costly claim. They may look for the smallest omission or any possible loophole to say that your business or home wasn’t covered. We fight for your right to receive the full insurance coverage you paid for.

Insurance Bad Faith

When an insurance company doesn’t uphold its obligations to provide timely coverage on a claim, you may have additional rights beyond just forcing the insurance company to honor its contract. If your insurance company acted in bad faith, we may be able to help you receive legal costs and treble damages on top of your original claim.

Partnership/Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between business partners can cripple operations and in some cases even lead to the end of the business. While the partnership agreement or corporate bylaws should resolve disputes, early optimism often leads to partners not fully planning for when things take a turn in the wrong direction. We work to help you find a resolution that gets your business back on course and protects your business against the possibility of future disputes.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes arise when a contract term is ambiguous, a party is unable to timely perform on the contract, or key terms were omitted in a rush to close the deal. Because you entered into the contract for a reason, we will first look for a solution that gets you what you originally bargained for. If this isn’t possible, we will look to other alternatives such as a monetary settlement or going to court to enforce the contract.


If you and your business partners/fellow shareholders cannot agree on the operations or future of your business, or if a partner is mismanaging or stealing from the company, it may be necessary to place the business in the hands of a neutral receiver. When a business is in receivership, the receiver’s job is to keep the business running and maximize income and profits for all interest holders. When necessary, we work to place businesses into the hands of competent receivers to protect you and your interests from being dissipated or stolen.

Provisional Remedies

Because business disputes can be so damaging, the courts will often impose provisional remedies such as a termporary restraining order or preliminary injunction, that provide a temporary solution until the dispute can fully work its way through the court system. We provide representation in the preliminary hearings where provisional remedies are ordered to protect the assets of your business, as well as in any potential appeals or motions to revisit the original order based on changing circumstances.

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